Lab Spotlights

My lab will be my home at ODU. So what labs are there and what do you do?

Mastering the Trade

I'll need to know a lot to be a successful I/O. How will I learn it all at ODU?

A Name for Yourself

Sounds like I'll be busy. How will I showcase my work and get recognized?

In the Real World

I've heard it a lot: experience is the key to getting a job. How will ODU prepare me?


Succeeding Together

You can't survive without friends, and at ODU, we work and play together.

Giving Back

Graduate school is privilege, so ODU students do their part to give back.

Alumni Connections

ODU has a long history in the I/O community - a history you become a part of.

Beach Life

With VA Beach less than a 30-minute drive away, you can do your work on the sand.