Succeeding Together


Work with whomever you want.

We can be successful and happy, but we can rarely succeed and enjoy happiness alone! And that's why I/O students and faculty in our program collaborate on numerous projects, conference presentations, and publications with other students and faculty in and outside ODU, as well as with industry partners, government organizations, and practitioners across the US and beyond. Collaborations present valuable opportunities to:

  • Participate in  interesting and worthwhile projects
  • Frequently present and publish research
  • Build professional networks with industry and academia
  • Learn of diverse work styles, approaches, and processes
  • Brainstorm and integrate creative  ideas
  • Feel and work as respected members of a team
  • Learn to effectively manage professional relationships

We like it, we value it, and we encourage it.


Kick back with friends.

Graduate school is worthwhile and rewarding, but also long and tough. And that’s why active social life is a key ingredient in the formula of success of our graduate students. And our location in Hampton Roads is perfect for that.

We have fantasy sports leagues, we play some baseball on the weekends, go to the beach, celebrate each others' birthdays, go to bars, festivals, and concerts. Pub trivia also happens weekly. The benefits of socializing are captured in the sense of community we feel with one another. We have a support network.
The IO students and students from other programs get together often on the weekends to go out for dinner, gather at a friend's house, go to comedy or music shows...Some people exercise together, running, hiking, and rock climbing. It is great to blow off steam due to the stresses of grad school, but the best part about being social is getting to know the group of people we are surrounded with. We all have similar talent and interests, but would be fairly unique in other settings. It is really nice to be around like-minded people and have the ability to discuss and debate science and other topics.
The I/O students are a tight network of friends and colleagues. We are each others' friends and support systems in and outside of the classroom. We play intramural sports, travel to ski resorts and up and down the east coast, study, and unwind together - socializing with my classmates is a coping mechanism for me to stay motivated and focused through graduate studies.

Lead in IOPSA

A student-led organization.

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology Student Association (IOPSA) is a student organization ran by the current I/O graduate students at ODU. It exists to provide current students with opportunities to develop professionally through:

  • Applied experiences
  • Conference funding
  • Alumni networking events
  • Seminars with I/O professionals on research and careers
  • Leadership development

In addition to professional development, IOPSA members participate in community service, philanthropic efforts, and regularly organize social events. IOPSA members support the graduate program by helping to recruit talented applicants and by mentoring undergraduate researchers. We are recognized by the ODU Student Government Association as an official student organization. This benefits our students by providing another source of funding for graduate student conference travel in addition to other campus resources.

Through monthly meetings, presentations, and social events, students are able to learn more about each other and the field of I/O psychology. Being a part of IOSPA provides additional development and service opportunities above and beyond the classroom, allowing students to give back to our university, community, and profession.